Graytown 1 – EL006911

Work program details

Recent exploration by Mercator Gold has located soil geochemical anomalism in areas of no previous workings and drilling has identified a new mineralising system at Blue Moon not previously identified.  Mercator Gold are keen for grass roots exploration of underexplored regions surrounding the existing tenements.

Nature of office-based activities

  • Historic research
  • Collation and evaluation of previous geochemical data
  • Geophysical interpretation

Nature of all on-ground exploration activities

  • Field mapping
  • Geochemical soil sampling
  • Geophysical surveys (IP or EM) is warranted

The nature of all sub surface activities

  • RC drilling
  • Follow-up diamond drilling if successful and warranted
  • Resource delineation drilling if successful and warranted

A description and nature of the targets that the program seeks to delineate

The primary target for exploration is orogenic reef gold of a style seen in the nearby Costerfield, Ballieston, Blue Moon, Nagambie or Fosterville deposits.

As far as practicable, an indication of the location and focus of the proposed exercises with location maps

No specific targets are known at this stage.  Mercator Gold have been successful at delineating targets from soil geochemical surveys and field mapping.  These works combined with historic research will drive this grass-roots exploration.

Proposed schedule for the exploration program

  1. Historic research: Concurrent with on ground activities.
  2. Field mapping: 2 months initiated as soon as the tenement is granted.
  3. Soil geochemical sampling (if necessary to assist with delineation of the path of the reefs). Concurrent with field mapping.
  4. Interpretation, review & in-house reporting: 1 month following the completion of field mapping.
  5. RC drilling: Following completion of the above steps, the process will commence 3 months after the grant of licence. Depending on target sites, either:
    1. Low Impact Exploration route, drill tendering, 7 day DSDBI notice & drilling as soon as the preferred drill company is available (season dependent, unlikely to drill during winter), OR
    2. If a Standard Work Plan is required, time to drilling will be dictated by the length of the approval process.